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Haymarket Pilates & Yoga Center
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The focus of this class is to balance the five pranas in the body.
Address311 N 8th St Ste 210 Lincoln, NE 68508-1375
Phone(402) 477-5101
Cary Twomey opened the Haymarket Pilates & Yoga Center in Lincoln in May 2002 after leaving New York City where she spent ten years in a professional career in dance, body work and the study of health and integral therapies. The center continues today and is one of the only havens to offer such a personal and wide reaching approach to health and total embodiment. The Center offers:

What is Pilates?
Developed over 90 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates (pronounced puh-LAH-tees), the Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises. The Pilates work is done on specialized pieces of equipment that involve the whole body working together as opposed to only one muscle group at a time. Working with spring resistance, exercises progress in a specific sequence to integrate greater movement skill resulting in a more fully integrated body and mind.
Benefits of Pilates
The exercises balance strength, flexibility and stability, and support you in developing long, lean muscle tone, as well as improving both balance and coordination skills. This method increases body awareness, promotes greater efficiency and creates new pathways for better body mechanics and posture. Both the Matwork exercises and equipment use will increase circulation, calm the nervous system and tone the organs, increasing overall health and a sense of well-being.
Pilates is excellent for rehabilitating injuries and chronic pain, injury prevention and neuromuscular education. Pilates is an excellent compliment to sports. It strengthens hips, knees and ankles for running, improves your golf swing and enhances performance and stamina for all physical activity. Due to the anatomical and rehabilitative nature of this work it is important to have a well qualified instructor.

Private Pilates Appointments on the Pilates Equipment, Pilates Mat Exercises or Physioball Program

In a Private Pilates session, each client is assessed to determine the appropriate conditioning program for their current physical condition. Using the Pilates Equipment, a unique program is established addressing musculoskeletal imbalances, chronic physical issues and any special needs. The client is taught fundamentals of the Pilates technique, along with correct movement skills grounded in Functional Anatomy. A home program may be developed if desired. Cary's strong Anatomical and Rehabilitation background makes this experience more than just going through a series of exercises; instead you will acquire a fitness program that will move you to a more sophisticated level of physicality and strength.
Pilates Group Mat Classes
The Center offers group Pilates Mat Classes that will introduce the fundamental Pilates concepts and beginning Mat exercises. The class will cover correct body mechanics and movement skills. You will receive a well rounded workout along with correct anatomical information. Theraband work is incorporated into the class.

This class is appropriate for all levels and includes meditation, Sun Salutations, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists and deep relaxation.
Yoga Fundamentals with Lee -- Basic Level

The focus of this class is to balance the five pranas in the body. The asanas are chosen, sequenced and executed in a specific way to balance the five elements in the body-water, earth, fire, ether and air; thus balancing the doshas, vata, pitta and kapha. We do a thorough asana (yoga posture) practice as well as incorporating the beginning techniques for pranayama (breath balance & control) along with the use of sound to balance the breath and quiet the mind. In this class we also learn traditional Vedic chants and mantra from the Wise Earth Tradition. The use of healthy, good vibration and sound increases the vitality of the nerve channels and increases the flow of prana through them (prana is the source of our life force). Healthy tissue and organ activity is stimulated, increasing good health and harmonious thought. The asana in this class is suitable for beginners and advanced students of yoga. It is deeply relaxing; quieting the mind and preparing the body for more advanced asana practice. If you are looking for a more advanced and rigorous asana practice, Sunday's yoga class is for you.
Yoga with Cary -- Level 2

In this class we do a long standing practice in the vinyasa style, flowing from one asana to the other. We build on variations of Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutations a series of asanas (postures) designed to give the body an overall, invigorating stretch while acting as a meditation in motion. We also explore variations on Moon Salutations to balance the heat of summer as well as further intermediate asana practice grounded in correct anatomical alignment. We will also introduce pranayama, the breathing techniques used in yoga, meditation techniques, along with the other limbs of yoga. This is an intermediate level course. Some previous asana practice is required as this is a more physically rigorous class. The Wednesday night yoga class is recommended for those who are beginners or are looking for a more relaxing and less strenuous class.
Private Yoga Sessions

Each individual is unique in their constitutional make up and has particular needs depending what is going on with the body at any given time. The balance of our bodies changes depending on our routine, our diet, and what is going on in our lives. This thought is in line with the Ayurvedic philosophy, an ancient healing system with roots in India. In a private yoga session the asana practice is designed to balance the body physically as well as energetically and emotionally. Yoga practice cannot be reduced to a standard set of exercises that everyone follows with the same approach in the same sequence. For centuries Yoga and Ayurveda have been used together for healing purposes. With Ayurveda in mind, you can learn how to approach your asana practice in a way that is best suited to bring balance to your body and mind. We will take a look at the correct anatomical alignment for each asana to maximize its benefits. Breath balancing, chanting or meditation can be incorporated at your request.

Ayurvedic Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultations bring balance to your life and health through learning appropriate routine for your individual constitution and by taking an active role in your own well-being. Learn about correct food combinations and how to make seasonal changes. We will touch on the energetics (heating, cooling and neutralizing) and tastes of foods (bitter, sweet, astringent, sour, salty and pungent) addressing the foods that will bring balance to your unique constitution. We look at how inappropriate diet can lead to disease and imbalance in the body. Food is our best medicine. By developing a deeper understanding about how diet and lifestyle nourishes the body, we can become healthier and more grounded in our quest for balance.
Ayurvedic Body Therapies (Shirodhara, Marma Point Therapy or Abhyanga)

In the Ayurvedic tradition these specific body therapies are used to heal and bring balance.

Through the methodic dripping of warm oil infused with herbs and essential oils specific to the individuals constitution, the bodies inherent healing mechanism is awakened. As the oil pours over the brow point continuously for half and hour or more the Shakti Prana (creative life force) and the cellular memory is nourished. This treatment is specific for anyone experiencing headaches, stress, loss of hair or hearing, inflammation in the body, poor digestion, menopause, eating disorders, or following any trauma. During any time of change or uncertainty it is deeply soothing and grounding. This treatment is recommended during the junctures of the seasons to assist in the transition.
Marma Point Therapy:
Marmas, junctures of prana, are vital points where muscles, ligaments and tendons meet. Through specific massage techniques the marmas and circulatory channels are stimulated. Marma therapy, one of the most ancient techniques for relieving pain, acts directly on the blood, nerves and lymph circulatory systems. By stimulating these points, especially when performed with warm oil prepared for the individual constitution, it serves to cleanse and revitalize the body. This therapy is recommended for any condition or as periodic therapy to keep the tissues clear and vital.

Personal consultations are available with Cary at the Center or by phone. Cary's professional and personal background in the areas of Pilates, Movement Therapy, Whole-istic and Alternative Health, Jungian Psychoanalysis, Yoga, Ayurveda and Herbology have created a unique and integral opportunity to work with aspects of oneself that are not found in the conventional. She has become a valuable resource for many who are in need of guidance, support or assessment within any of these areas. She provides an Original ground on which one can work with their personal growth and any aspect that is in need. Cary meets with many of the students at the center on an ongoing basis or as needed for personal guidance. She also has clients from out-of-state who consult with her by phone. If interested in speaking with Cary, you can call the Center to schedule an appointment.

Cary Twomey, B.F.A., D. Ayv., Highest Level Certified in the teachings of Joseph Pilates, has been teaching for over fifteen years and is a highly respected teacher in her field. Her teaching and counseling is influenced by her extensive anatomical and movement background as well as the study and practice of Western Jungian Psychology, Eastern Ayurvedic Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy. Cary integrates these approaches into her anatomical work as well as her counseling.
Cary spent 9 years studying with and serving as a primary apprentice in New York City under second generation Master Teacher Deborah Lessen, current board member of The Pilates Method Alliance. She also studied with several Master Teachers in the Pilates community. Cary spent eight years studying anatomy, manual assessment & hands on bodywork skills and rehabilitation applications with world respected anatomist Irene Dowd which earned her referrals from several reputable physical therapists in New York City.
Cary lived and taught in New York City for 10 years where she danced professionally and developed her own Pilates/Rehab studio in addition to working as a Pilates Therapist at Park South Physical Therapy. She spent two years as part of the founding faculty for the Joffrey Ballet BFA Program at The New School University where she taught Anatomy and developed the Pilates conditioning regimen specific for the Joffrey Ballet B.F.A. dancers. Cary has also taught Modern Dance, Kinesiology and Dance Injury Prevention at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Cary teaches abroad as part of a yoga teacher training program.
Cary is a certified Wise Earth Ayurveda Practitioner and Ayur-Yoga instructor. She continues to study Yoga & Ayurveda at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM. and with her primary teacher Swamini Mayatitananda at The Wise Earth School of Ayurveda in Candler, NC., where she has been invited to teach as well.
Cary is educated in Anatomy/Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular Repatterning as well as Ideokinesis, Bartenieff Fundamentals/Laban Movement Analysis, Yoga and Ayurveda. Cary is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance, an organization developed to uphold standards of teaching and training. Cary has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, holds the highest-level Pilates certification, a diploma in Ayurveda from the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, and a diploma in Ayur-yoga and Marma Point Therapy from The Ayurvedic Institute. Cary recently returned to the Midwest to live and teach in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska.
You can find Cary listed on:
The Pilates Method Alliance website (see under Individual Members/Listings >> Nebraska)
As well as The Wise Earth School of Ayurveda website (see under Practitioners>>Nebraska)

Private & Semi-Private appointments offered all day Monday-Friday.
Phone sessions are available for personal consultations out-of-state or those who are not able to come to the center.

Space is limited, please call to reserve
All levels are welcome, but specific classes have been noted as beginning or intermediate (see descriptions at left). We recommend not eating one hour before class. Mats are provided. Please call ahead to reserve your place in class -- space is limited.


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