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At this point you should ask yourself, ' What if I live to be a hundred years old or more?
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"Gradual wear and tear created by an ill fitting personal environment is one of the most preventable sources of misery experienced as people age. We are committed to providing exceptional programs and products for extraordinary health and wellness in real time that will help you get to where you really want to go." Scott W. Donkin DC, DACBOH

Dr. Scott Donkin began Chiropractic practice in Lincoln, Nebraska in1981 and has practiced here ever since. In addition to being a skilled chiropractor, Dr. Donkin is also board certified in Occupational Health. This extensive additional training uniquely qualifies him to effectively consult with companies and government agencies to uncover the cause of many workplace health and safety problems such as reoccurring injuries or accidents, and develop practical, innovative solutions to prevent them. He started Occupational Health and Wellness Solutions to provide these services.

For example, Dr. Donkin has provided health and safety educational presentations, injury prevention programs and ergonomic consulting to the City of Lincoln and Lincoln Electric

System since 1986. His programs have touched every city department in Lincoln. Dr. Donkin uses a sophisticated physical assessment system to provide post-offer, post-injury and independent medical evaluations that are objective, accurate, and defensible. A similar combination of hands-on and high tech treatment used by Chiropractic Associates is applied to treat injured workers and return them to job tasks as soon as possible and it is safe to do so. Treating companies, like patients, by sorting out the causes of their problems and customizing solutions has proven to be quite profitable to numerous Lincoln companies.

In addition, Dr. Donkin is an internationally published author as well as a media and product consultant. Sitting On The Job, Donkin’s first book, has been in print for over 15 years and recently revised. It was also published

as Fit For Work in Europe. He co-authored Peak Performance Body and Mind: Make Your Body Last a Lifetime. These books and their related educational programs empower people to better help themselves through understanding how to use their own bodies and their environment, whether it be at work, in the office, in the car, at home, or at play.

Poor habits not only cause a lot of pain but they also gradually wear and tear down the body leading to recurring injury, stress, strain, and degenerating health. With more and more people living longer lives, quality of life is an increasingly important issue. That is why Dr. Donkin also devotes a significant amount of time to product research and improvement. The lists of clients he researches for or endorses include Herman Miller Inc., Haworth Inc., Panasonic, Amerosport Inc., Garner Industries, and Comfort Trac.

Dr. Donkin is also a popular media subject matter expert in health, human performance and ergonomics consulting to the popular and professional press. He has advised, instructed or written for such publications as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, Midlands Business Journal, Omaha World Herald, Smart Money Magazine, Self, Vitality, Conde Nast Traveler, ACA Journal and more.

Many of the community projects his companies are involved with revolve around Dr. Donkin’s educational programs and consults. In addition, Chiropractic Associates has collected items for the food bank and donated time

and money to the Make A Wish Foundation, church groups, schools, and local athletic organizations. Dr. Donkin is a board member of Work Well, a non-profit organization providing health promotion services and support to over 80 companies in and around the City of Lincoln.

Dr. Donkin’s vision is to continue to improve all of his professional and business services through research, it’s practical application, and a caring approach to positively touch the lives of people and businesses in the community, thereby helping to make Lincoln, a healthier, safer place to live, work, and play.

Chiropractic Associates, Occupational Health and Wellness Solutions, and Sitting On The Job will continue to be an empowering resource for engaging people in the adventure of living long and living well naturally.

"In a perfect world we would enjoy much longer, healthier, happier live and our bodies would not gradually degenerate to the point of becoming imprisoned in a crippled body. Statistically a substantial percentage of people viewing this website will live beyond 100 years of age. Increasing evidence suggests that life expectancies of 120 + years are possible and probable but what will the quality of that longer life be? One of my patients just related to me that she is more concerned about living too long in pain and ill health than not living long enough. Living a very long life free of gradually declining health requires a new strategy. In addition to optimum exercise, nutrition, water intake and financial strategies we must all look at how our physical environment influences our personal health and well being.

At this point you should ask yourself, ' What if I live to be a hundred years old or more?' Where are my current habits and activities going to take me? Habits are a way of placing routine activities on automatic pilot so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your life. Habits that are placed on automatic pilot to a large extent actually drive your destiny. Many of your sitting, standing, walking and reclining habits are magnified through time to create the person you will become. The first step in gaining power over your habits is to become aware of them one by one and deciding if they are working for you or against you. For example if you spend a significant amount of time in your car how it fits you is important. It is common to have an ill fitting driver’s seat aggravate back, neck, arm and leg conditions and also contribute to cumulative stress. You may not even be aware that car driving habits are contributing to gradual wear and tear on your body. Looking at this area of your life and improving it will have a positive impact on your health and well being from that moment forward. We help you become aware of many of these seemingly innocent areas of your life and offer solutions."
Scott W. Donkin DC, DACBOH

Healthy living includes a balance of exercise, relaxation, rest, nutrition and a strategy achieving the level of well-being you want. We can help!

Sitting On The Job is widely acknowledged as the reference source for practical advice on how to reduce the negative effects of sitting on the job. It's fully illustrated, easy to read, and perfect for any office worker.

Turtleback is a term respectfully assigned to illustrate the gradual and largely preventable process of crippling physical degeneration and negative aging. Commonly blamed on osteoporosis of the spine this process has its roots in habits formed during childhood.

Power Centering, created by Dr. Peter A. Gratale, is the art of tapping into your energy and core strength. This unique and exhilarating program is designed to help you look feel and be your best. More than a workout, you will embark on a journey of learning and self discovery that will improve your level of health, fitness, and quality of life.

Adjust your work height to fit your body. In my opinion this is the single most effective way economical way to adjust the desk to fit the person working at it. It is also a great solution to increase comfort and productivity.

Activities of modern life are flexion dominant. We flex our abs and our biceps to demonstrate great muscle tone, we flex our heads forward to surf the net and flex our bodies forward to drive and perform most other seated tasks. Flexion dominant activities create a deficiency of extension just like a deficiency of water causes dehydration. Extension deficiency and the reduced flexibility that accompanies with it is a leading cause of premature degeneration and back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. If you want to age in a hurry then keep your flexion dominant activities. If you’re interested in stopping or reversing this trend use the innovative Healthy Back System. “The Healthy Back System definitely helps restore the most neglected movement of everyday life: back extension. Consistent use would be an essential component of achieving and keeping a truly healthy back.”

How often would you love to have a professional spa experience with it’s healthy and pleasurable side effects but don’t have the time to get there. Now you can select from many fine, effective products that you can enjoy in your own home at any time to indulge yourself. It’s your choice.

My favorite type of jewelry successfully combines fashion, function and that may also improve health. Jewelry that serves this purpose is rare and precious indeed. I’m delighted to have found and offer Q-Link.

As an informed health conscious consumer it is essential to evaluate products for quality, cost, value, fashion and fit. Fit is the most misunderstood element of the equation. In order for something to properly fit it must be the proper size and shape for your unique physical form and contours. If it is not, your body will distort itself to conform to an ill fitting product such as a sleeping pillow or slump inducing couch. The best fit for you would be products that support the natural function, balance and alignment of your body. We have evaluated many products using our unique approach and you will see many of our favorites in this section.

When you listen to soothing music you are using your sense of hearing to relax. The soothing aroma of chamomile, lavender or yarrow stimulates your powerful sense of smell to relax. It has long been recognized that a comfortable heat pack stimulates your sense of touch and soothes tense muscles while improving circulation. I believe stimulating your senses to help you relax naturally is surprisingly easy, thoroughly enjoyable and quite affordable. With this concept in mind you can create your own sensational relaxation experience by simultaneously stimulating your senses in a way that helps you reach a deeper more profound state of relaxation usually in a much shorter time. We have selected a number of spectacular products that you can use individually or combine for the level of relaxation experience you desire.

These extremely popular pamphlets are easy to read and packed with practical information on various specific subjects. Clean illustrations make understanding key concepts easier and quicker. Sitting Fit, Sleeping Fit and Eating Fit are already published and many more are on the way!

Massage provides numerous healthy benefits including muscular and full body relaxation and improved circulation. As with most good health and wellness activities, consistent and regular use yields the greatest benefits. But what happens when you are at home and you could use a massage but don’t have an appointment or the time? Now you can experience the highest quality most sophisticated high tech massage in the world right at home. I have studied massage chair technology and have thoroughly evaluated Panasonic Massage Chairs finding them to be far superior to any others I have seen. I use these personally as well as with my patients and staff. You should carefully consider them as a practical and valuable investment in your present and future health.

A thick bulky cluttered wallet is not only inefficient it’s just not healthy. After searching high and low I have found what I believe to be the best solution. The TPK Back Saver™ Wallet has a patented design which enables you to carry up to 24 cards and 30 plus bills in a streamlined fashion. You then have the advantage of slipping it into a front shirt or pants pocket without it feeling heavy or awkward. Imagine what it would feel like to be free from an unsightly wad of leather digging into you from your back hip pocket every time you sit. Order now and receive a free copy of the new How to Streamline Your Wallet and Improve Your Life.


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