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You Can Pull Hot Women
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If hot girls are so easy, then why haven't you picked one up already? I'll give you a number of reasons:

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I got to thinking about the hottest women I ever picked up, and how easy it was to get them. And now, I'm looking at some of my female friends, the extremely hot ones in particular, and listening to how difficult it is for them to find a guy. I know these girls personally, and they are far from bitches. They are some of the nicest girls that you will ever meet.

These women are incredibly easy to pick up, yet a lot of them are single and unable to find a guy. if these girls are so easy, then why haven't you picked one up already? I'll give you a number of reasons:

1) You think they are too hot to talk to when you see them in a bar.

You don't always see these girls in bars standing without an entourage, but occasionally, you'll see a couple of them hanging out just waiting on someone to talk them. I was out with friends this past weekend, and they acted like they were absolutely terrified to talk to them. I just walked up to them and had them laughing the entire time. Both women were single.

2) They work on nights that you go out gaming.

These women are extremely hot, therefore, they are able to find jobs that require a woman to be hot. Most of these types of jobs are jobs where you have to work weekends bartending, stripping, modeling, hostessing, or promoting a nightclub. That is why when you go out, the extremely hot women seem to be working for the bar or nightclub.

3) You try too hard to impress.

Occasionally, you will see one of these extremely hot women out, in an approachable situation, talk to them, and what's the first thing that you do? You try to impress or act extremely nervous, thus loosing attraction. Most men that approach these women don't know how to just be normal and not come off as a try-hard.

4) You approach them in difficult approach situations.

Sometimes, you'll see these girls out, and you approach them in impossible situations where you can't have a decent conversation without being interrupted. When these girls are out, they are usually with a ton of friends that will be constantly interrupting you, or they'll be surrounded by friends and/or guys who just won't leave you alone to talk to her.

So what can you do to pull one of these extremely hot women? Here are a few tips:

1) Talk to her during her down time.

Like I said, when you go out, these women are usually working. However, if you go on a slow night or go early in the night, you can strike up a conversation with these girls without them having to rush along to the next customer. I have a friend who always talks to me when we're out as a group, but when she is bartending in the middle of the night, I'm lucky if she talks to me for longer than 10 seconds.

2) Catch them during the day.

If you go out at night trying to pick up these types of women, chances are, they are either going to be working, or they're going to be surrounded by people. Your best chance to make an impression on these women is during the day when they're not busy.

3) Treat them like a human.

You can't approach these girls with the "Oh my god, you are so hot" type of attitude. Like anyone, they want to be appreciated for who they are as a person. Don't try to impress them because they are hot. What they care mor about is having someone who can have a conversation with and give them the occassional laugh.

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